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Walking Audio Tours Let us guide you to fascinating new places in cities around the world, and tell you captivating stories along the way.

Walk through London in the times of Jack the Ripper. Stroll the streets of Rome with Emperors and Gladiators. Enjoy a day in New York City with the Gossip Girls.

Plug in your earphones, and dive in! Walk. Listen. Feel.
New York Haunted

New York is not all shops and huge skyscrapers. New York has many hidden secrets and great legends from the past that even nowadays can send shivers down anyone’s spine. The spirits of the past remain with us in the present and we all know of some such presence. They and only they have spread their myths across many locations around the world capital. We invite you to follow us in this trip defined by fear, terrifying stories and ghosts. I hope you are ready to discover the dark side of the Big Apple. Ladies and gentleman, Haunted New York!
New York Gossip Girl

Do you dream about Chuck Bass? Do you want Blair Waldorf’s wardrobe? Would you die for endless blonde hair like Serena ? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, there is no doubt that Gossip Girl is one of your favourite programmes. Fashion, good taste, money and love scandals, has left everyone talking about the Upper East Side crew of NYC. We know all the series’ secrets, and we have prepared the best walk for you to discover each and every one of the haunts where these stars record the episodes.
Rome Emperors and Gladiators

Ancient Rome is highly regarded as the ultimate fighting force that built an Empire and introduced civilization to the western world - but in reality its rulers were often depraved, deceitful and self-obsessed. In this tour, you will hear about the myths, assassinations, treachery and ironies of the men who ruled and conquered Europe. So join us and learn about the intriguing lives of the Emperors that built Rome and discover the history of the men whose lives were put to the sword.
Munich The Third Reich

After the First World War, Bavaria was in the grips of hyperinflation and was tainted with assassinations and ideas of a revolution. From the debris of political and economical collapse, a new leader was to emerge with a captivating presence and an unfaltering promise of reviving Germany´s failing fortunes. His name was Adolf Hitler, an honorary German from Austria residing right here in Munich. Hitler made a lasting impression on the Munich public and in 1933, the Bavarian capital became the birthplace of the Nazi Party. Throughout the regime of the Third Reich the city remained the spiritual capital of the movement and subsequently left a big legacy. Join us for a walking audio tour as we delve into the dark past of the Third Reich in Munich and learn of a past this modern city is trying to sweep under the carpet of history.
Paris Montmartre

The word ‘bohemian’ and the Montmartre neighbourhood have always gone hand in hand. That’s why we have prepared a walk that will show you the best of this Parisian neighbourhood and we think you’ll fall in love with its little world. Montmartre was the artistic centre for singers, writers and painters such as Picasso, Renoir or Toulouse-Lautrec for many decades. There is no doubt about it, its bohemian air can still be felt nowadays. The pavement cafes are full of artists looking for a lucky break. The Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus has the best views of Paris and the Moulin Rouge gets ready to reveal a new story every night. We promise to show you everything. The Montmartre residents are used to going up and down all the hills in this neighbourhood, are you ready?
Paris Cinema

Are you cinema lovers? Well, this is the tour for you! We wanted to show you Paris from a different point of view that only a camera lens can offer! Films such as French Kiss, Ocean's 12, Munich, the Da Vinci Code, the Pink Panther or Sabrina were shot here and Paris does not disappoint as a film setting. We’ll feature films like and I’m sure you’ll love it!
Amsterdam Rembrandt

Best known for his evocative masterpieces, Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn is recognised as one of the Dutch Masters to have emerged in Holland´s Golden Age of the 17th century. But life was not all light and pretty brushstrokes for the painter. Born in Leiden, Rembrandt moved to Amsterdam to continue his art studies in the studio of Pieter Lastman. The impressionable young man was greatly influenced by Lastman and the techniques he learned aided his career; but it wasn´t so much his artwork that Rembrandt had problems with, but his personal life.
Join our walking audio tour of Amsterdam Rembrandt and learn about the life and times of the Dutch Master.
Amsterdam World War II

It took just 44 days for the Nazi´s to steam roller through the Netherlands and take control of the country. Hardly surprising considering the Dutch army only consisted of 250,000 soldiers and one tank. During the war, the Dutch and their Jewish counterparts did their best to defy the occupying Germans and you can learn all about the torment, the retaliations and the misfortunes of Jewish families like the Franks in the walking audio tour of Amsterdam.
Chicago Mafia

During the 1920s, a series of increasingly spectacular acts of violence spread like wildfire throughout Chicago´s gangland. The trouble started after the government had banned the sale and use of alcohol. At first the beer swilling community were grateful to the gangland criminals that risked their freedom and their lives and turned a blind-eye to the bloodshed. But illegal activities is big money and it wasn´t long before the mobsters got out of hand culminating in the Valentine´s Day Massacre and the death of a newspaper reporter. It came to a point when something had to be done.

For all their brutal violence towards each other, the goodfellas of the mafia have a strict code of conduct not to harm police, media or the general public and in return for lenient favours they feed the pockets of judges and politicians. Join us on our walking audio tour of Chicago´s gangland and learn about the amazing stories of the 1920´s cut-throat prohibition, the dazzling and dangerous lifestyle of gangsters or the mystery of the St. Valentine´s Day massacre, to name few.
Chicago Cinema

The towering city of Chicago has been the setting for numerous high-profile films, most notably, Ferris Buellar´s Day Off, The Dark Knight and The Untouchables which gives a fictional account of the real-life story of Prohibition in Chicago and the Treasury Office´s project to put notorious mob leader Al Capone behind bars.

Join us on an walking audio tour round Chicago and discover the venues that have appeared in films and learn how the prohibition became an multi-million dollar business and lead ordinary people to commit crimes and rival gangsters to kill each other.
London Jack the Ripper

If Jack the Ripper doesn’t mean anything to you then maybe you don’t know the meaning of fear. If that’s the case we are going to make it our duty to ensure you don’t sleep well over the next few days. Killings, fear, blood and butchery are the ingredients that we have based this walk along London streets on. We don’t have any control over who might be hot on your heels though, as you never know if a new Jack is prepared to relive the legend of this serial killer who killed several women from across the British capital in 1888, especially women in Whitechapel. Are you ready to start? Don’t wander off and let anyone go off on their own…because maybe they’ll never come back.
London The Beatles

Do you like the Beatles? If you do we’re sure you will love this walk! London is full of hidden places that tell their story bit by bit. So keep your headphones on as we are going to walk by places like the famous zebra crossing and Ringo’s house. Are you up for it? Well that’s not all, as I’m sure many of you would like to know on which roof they did one of their most memorable performances, or the location of the shop dedicated exclusively to the Beatles. Ready to get started?
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